Packing Supplies

Moving Blankets or Moving Pads- Professional moving pads are essential towards helping ensure your precious household items are unscratched and unharmed during the move. Giant Monkey Movers moving help professionals recommend that you rent or buy a dozen furniture pads per 5 ft of container.

When do you buy furniture pads and when do you rent?
 Moving locally? Then renting furniture pads is the way to go. You can rent furniture blankets from a local truck rental company. Some portable storage companies allow you to rent them as well. If your moving more than 20 miles away, purchasing furniture blankets can not only be a cost affective means of protecting your furniture but also recouping some of the loss of your move. Giant Monkey Movers provides you the lowest prices in furniture pads, when you’re done with your move, take a picture and put them online for double what you paid for them and its still LESS than what you can get these blankets at a retail price.
Why use furniture pads?
 Furniture Blankets can be used to help protect your valuable items and they also help to use space if necessary. By using furniture pads, you can ensure that your furniture is protected and that you can pack your moving truck or portable storage unit to its fullest capacity. The large majority of these blankets are 72″ x 80″. This makes them the perfect size to cover large and small items.Textile blankets can be used for some of your heavier items that are more likely to be chipped during the moving process. These furniture blankets are typically a great thing to use around wooden furniture. The unique textile design makes these furniture pads durable and they are able to be slid around. There are also a large number of moving pads that can be used to help you move more efficiently. These pads vary in strength, and the furniture pads need to be used to the proper weight specifications. The wide variety of different moving blankets all have a purpose, so use them accordingly. Moving skins are typically very light weight and they will not allow you to really carry heavier items. They are the perfect way to protect your valuables though. You can keep your smaller items properly cared for and protect in boxes by using these skins. Some other moving supplies that help with the moving process are great boxes. You will need a wide assortment of different sized moving boxes. You want to get boxes that are rugged and created from the best cardboard material available. Most types of corrugated boxes are the best choice. You can buy a moving blanket separately, or you can buy a group of cheap moving blankets. If you have a large number of things to move, you may want to consider buying wholesale moving blankets.
  • Moving Shrink Wrap- The common myth is that shrink wrap provides protection to your items while moving. Although helping with keeping dust off of items, shrink wrap is the peanut butter to the jelly sandwich while moving. When put together, they put together a winning combination that will help make your move to/from Vista a winning success.
  • Moving Ratchet (Crank) Strap Tie Downs- Often times, many people feel that by tying your moving load off with rope will get the job done with securing the items you are moving. Although this can be affective for local moves if you’re on a budget, rope will often times flecks and bulge to a degree of allowing your items to move and rub together. By purchasing ratchet strap tie downs, or crank straps as we like to call them. You can ensure that the items you are moving are secured and set in place. These can be purchased at your local home depot. For all moves, minus semi-truck loads, we suggest the 16ft crank straps to help ensure your move goes as safely and effectively as possible.
  • Moving Boxes- Although it sounds like a simple thing, moving boxes are the #1 expense when it comes to moving. Often times, customers under estimate the amount of items they have and have to make several trips and end up paying the mark up cost from U-haul or other places that sell moving kits. Cost affective ways of acquiring boxes are listed below to help you ensure to keep the cost down on your local move.
  • Craigslist is the number one recommendation for boxes. Many people give away or severely discount boxes they just got done using. Often times these boxes have hardly been used and can help keep the cost down of any move
  • Grocery stores break down their boxes and recycle them every day. If you know you are moving soon, start to stockpile these in your garage or other storage place on your property. You’ll be glad you did.

 Moving bubble wrap and packing paper- When it comes to packing up your precious glass ware and fragile items, bubble wrap and packing paper are the #1 thing that help protect your items while moving. Check out our helpful links located on our preferred vendors page.